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L . R . Repeat lunging to L . on to L . F . LIMPING STEP Each step takes Vi bar of music. Count 1 and, 2 and, Beat 1 Partners face one another and join R . hands. Step on to the toe of leading foot. "and" Beat 2 " a n d " C l o s e the other foot to it, keeping this foot flat on the ground. Repeat Beat 1 "and". Care should be taken to s e e that this does not b e c o m e a gallop step. Steps are very small and " l i m p i n g " . UHYNANINA or Kicking Step (danced on the spot) Each complete step takes 2 bars of music.

C o u p l e B stand behind couple A . Man has partner on his right. Couples join inside hands. Men j o i n L . hands and girls R . hands, thereby linking the two c o u p l e s together. T h e s e hands are held throughout the d a n c e . ) Leading c o u p l e s have inside arms outstretched at shoulder level to form 'shaft'. A Bars 1-2 3-4 Starting with L . F . all dance two s c h o t t i s c h e step forward. Couple A release inside hands, turn outwards (man L . , girl R . ) and with 4 step-hops dance around to the back of couple B and rejoin inside hands; couple B at the same time dance 4 step-hops forward to become leading c o u p l e , and bring their inside arms up straight at shoulder level.

Hand on hip and R. arm around partner's waist. The girl puts her R . hand on her hip and her L. hand on her chest to hold down the many rows of beads that are traditionally worn with the costume. HOLD "C" Partners in l . o . d . Man takes partner's L . hand in his L . hand and stretches his L . arm diagonally to L . , placing his R . arm around his partner's waist covering her R. hand which is on her hip. LIST O F R E C O R D S Instructions in Volume No. m. Record No. L • Hoi Harmonica (Israel) Mayim Mayim (Israel) Alunelul (Rumania) ^ Cherkessia Kfula (Israel) Kuma Echa (Israel) C Karapyet (Russia) Neapolitan Tarantella (Italy) I Wrona Gapa (Poland) Meitschi Putz-di (Switzerland) 1 1 2 EP1 (Austria) )> E P 2 k EP3 Kiigadi Kaagadi (Estonia) Kreuz Koenig (Germany) ^ Fyrtur (Norway) Hakke Toone (Holland) { { Kohanochka (Russia) Fyrmannadans (Sweden) Die Woaf (Austria) Schwarzwalder Mazurka (Germany) Fjallnas Polska (Sweden) Viru Vals (Estonia) Schottische (Denmark) Bourree Poursuite (France) .

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