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By Brunella Antomarini, Adam Berg, Alain Cohen, Rob Spruijt, Erith Jaffe-Berg, Miltos Manetas, Alessandro Lanni, Roberto Diodato, Domenico Parisi, Teresa Iaria, Peter B. Lunenfeld, Ysamur Flores Pena

Aesthetics in current destiny: the humanities and the Technological Horizon is a set of essays via students and some artists who specialize in the difficulty of the way arts both switch while conveyed by means of new media (such because the net, 3D printers, and video clips) or are easily subtle by means of them. The participants’ analyses describe how either digital construction and digital verbal exchange switch our attitudes towards what we name the humanities. The scope of the themes levels from images to cinema and portray, from theater to avant-garde paintings and internet artwork, and from development of robots to simulation of mind capabilities. the result's an fabulous diversity of recent chances and dangers for the humanities, and new views concerning our wisdom of the world.

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The proliferation of cheap synthesizers and editing suites enabled by digital technologies spread this meme to musicians and producers worldwide, and the music itself began to change. By the time the culture machine eventually simulated and subsumed these sound-generating and sound-organizing modalities, an entire generation of listeners were creating sampled, remixed, digitally processed, digitally accessed music. ” AOL voice-coder greeting, to the advent of audible interfaces and game soundscapes, to the popularity of pop snippets as personal audio identifications in cell phone ringtones, there has been a proliferation of audio cues within work, play, and mobile environments.

So an image could be fluid in an animation, printed on paper as a screen, encompassed in a resizable window with surrounding text, or blended in a graphic with those same typographic elements, which could themselves be animated as a motion graphic. In his book Lifestyle (2000), the designer Bruce Mau refers to “Postscript World” when he discusses the radical transformation that the culture machine brings to our visual environment. ” Surfaces are “now described in one language. ” Postscript World announced itself with the desktop publishing phenomenon, in which the image on the monitor looks like the page that the printer will produce, and vice versa.

Given that product manufacturing becomes more and more virtual and cybernetically generated and not only controlled, what will be the role of human creativity as such? What happens is that each new generation adopts some strain of the digital as its own, often letting earlier and still vibrant technologies languish. Thus you’ll have “pro-am” users defining themselves not by any capacity to create social media tools—as hacktivists have long maintained is vital—but instead as “content providers” first and foremost.

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