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By Paul Arthur Schilpp

Written by way of the guy thought of the "Person of the Century" by way of Time journal, this isn't a glimpse into Einstein's own existence, yet an extension and elaboration into his pondering on technological know-how. of the nice theories of the actual global have been created within the early twentieth century: the idea of relativity and quantum mechanics. Einstein created the idea of relativity and was once additionally one of many founders of quantum idea. right here, Einstein describes the failure of classical mechanics and the increase of the electromagnetic box, the speculation of relativity, and of the quanta. Written in German by means of Einstein himself, the booklet is confronted, page-by-page, with a translation via the famous Professor of Philosophy Paul Arthur Schilpp.

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The vector D is generally called the electric induction. Maxwell called it electrical displacement because of the analogy suggested by the theory of elasticity: in an elastic medium, the force E' and the displacement D' are indeed linked by a relation of type (1-67), e being the inverse of the coefficient of elasticity. So we obtain from relation (1-66) (1-70) that is (1-71) diveE = 4np av = an dive - - 4np . We will thus have, by comparing (I-50), (I-53) and (1-21) 1) the expression of the potential as a function of the charges.

PROBLEMS 1. We consider a continuous distribution of charge having spherical symmetry. Calculate the density per) that would produce the potential 1 qe- ar V= - - - eo r (a and q being constants). Calculate the charge that a point-mass at the center would have in order to produce this same potential. 2. Calculate the electrical field created by a dipole. 3. a) Calculate the electrical field El existing inside a sphere formed by a homogeneous dielectric and immersed in a constant electrical field Eo.

Solution: a) We adopt, for the external potential, a solution V of the form (I-54), and we choose three constants a, band Gl so that the following 31 ELECTROMAGNETIC THEOR Y conditions are satisfied: Eo = _ (OV) ; OZ 00 equality of the potentials equality of the normal components of the inductions oV or oV or SO-=Sl-' b) The limiting cases correspond to c) One has recourse to me = qd = sob d) So must be changed to S1> and vice-versa. The field E1 inside the cavity is included between Eo and (sdso)Eo.

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