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By Don Herweck

Strength is throughout us. people use strength, machines use power, and warmth and gear use power. strength is located in lots of kinds, and there are lots of strength assets. everyone is operating to advance new, renewable assets of power for destiny generations.

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Therefore it is difficult for us to see how a large quantity of matter in a galaxy could come to be packed into the small scale of a black hole, even when the black hole has a mass as large as solar masses. The conventional interpretation has as yet, found no satisfactory way around this difficulty. But if, at the centres of galaxies, there are black holes that act as minicreation events, the escape of the negative energy field generated in the creation process provides a ready explanation for the accumulation of the positive material component, leading to an easily understood development of the central black hole.

But this type of model cannot convincingly explain the many observed phenomena, largely because the MATTER CREATION AND ANOMALOUS REDSHIFTS 21 efficiency with which gravitational energy can be transformed into relativistic particles and photons is so small. It is much more likely that, in active galactic nuclei, we are seeing the creation of mass and energy as proposed in the QSSC. Massive near-black holes are undoubtedly present in the centres of most galaxies. But when they are detected, the galaxy is typically not active.

THE ORIGIN OF CMBR 29 2. General Properties Of Black BodyRadiation A BB cavity radiates at every possible frequency dependent on the temperature of the walls of the cavity. In thermodynamic equilibrium the amount of energy U(v) depends only on temperature and is independent of the material of the walls or shape of the container. The radiation field behaves like a collection of simple harmonic oscillators that can arbitrarily be chosen to have a set of boundary conditions of dimension L which is repeated periodically through spacetime in all directions.

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