Horace G. Cutler, Francisco A. Macias, Juan C.G. Galindo,'s Allelopathy: Chemistry and Mode of Action of Allelochemicals PDF

By Horace G. Cutler, Francisco A. Macias, Juan C.G. Galindo, Jose M. G. Molinillo

Allelopathy interactions are established totally on the construction of secondary chemical substances by means of larger vegetation that produce an array of biochemical compounds that create organic alterations. This foreign selection of sixteen papers stocks present considered the chemistry and mode of motion of those compounds and the way they have an effect on ecology, agriculture, and forests. issues comprise the position of lichen secondary metabolites, analytical concepts for investigating allelopathic brokers in wheat root exudates, the destiny of phenolic allelochemicals in soils, allelochemical homes of quinolizidine alkaloids, and the mode of motion of phytotoxic terpenoids.

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Tabaci. to test the Two lichen secondary compounds, (-)-usnic acid and vulpinic acid, showed significant results when compared to the controls. Vulpinic acid had an average mortality of 18%, and (-)-usnic acid had an average mortality of 14%. From the dose response of (−)usnic acid, LD50 was not reached at 1000µM, but a positive correlation was established with increasing concentration and whitefly population response (data not shown). While the lichen compounds were not as effective as Isotox, a known insecticide used as a positive control, in causing high mortality rates, the insecticidal activity could be further exploited synthetically with other active - 25 Copyright © 2004 CRC Press, LLC Allelopathy: Chemistry and Mode of Action of Allelochemicals compounds or manipulated to form more active derivatives.

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