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Replacement agriculture and guy; heritage, realisation and association of the file; the level of different agriculture; evaluate of the categorical ideologies on wich the choice tools of agriculture are dependent; Cultivation equipment; Animal husbrandry; illnesses, pests and weeds; Kilogram yields; the standard of goods cultivated by way of replacement tools; harm to the surroundings as a effects of alternative Read more...

summary: replacement agriculture and guy; historical past, realisation and association of the document; the level of other agriculture; review of the explicit ideologies on wich the choice tools of agriculture are dependent; Cultivation tools; Animal husbrandry; ailments, pests and weeds; Kilogram yields; the standard of goods cultivated via substitute tools; harm to the surroundings as a results of different and conservational agricultural equipment; overview; Conclusiones and recommendatios for reasearch; Cultivation equipment

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The dynamic influence of tillage may be further reinforced for particular plant species by the use of ash or liquid manure, prepared from that appropriate plant species. In preparing the ash, the seed of the particular weed is forced through fire, which gradually reduces the chance of germination at the locations where this ash is spread in very minute quantities. Fungal attack on plants is very closely associated with the rhythms of growth of the plant. Thus, for example, particular attention ought to be paid to this when leafcrops are sown when the moon is in the so-called water-signs of the zodiac.

Calcium and magnesium are mentioned specifically. These conclusions are based largely on a collection of non-comparable analyses or on research in which undesirable variables are to be found. Research undertaken by the D epartment of Field Crops and G rassland H usbandry at the Agricultural University (Wageningen) (522), in which such undesirable variables have been eliminated, has demonstrated that the content of sodium, calcium and magnesium in the dicotyledons investigated (red and white clover, dandelion and ribwort plantain) is generally higher than that of grasses.

Thus, they become the object of scientific study. Spiritual science and natural science should complement each other rather than having opposing tasks. This point will be discussed together with the dynamic aspects. Examples of the rhythms mentioned above are the diurnal, monthly, seasonal and annual rhythms. They may also be observed in inorganic nature, for example in the movement of water (ebb and flow). They are apparently manifested in the weather as well, according to meteorological recordings made over a 50 year span by 1544 American weather stations.

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