Anatomy of the Horse (Vet (Schlutersche)) - download pdf or read online

By Klaus Dieter Budras, W. O. Sack

A revised version of a really winning publication. the hot version comprises new chapters at the eye, stomach, girl copy, ultrasonography and orthopaedics. The atlas is beautifully illustrated all through with color drawings, images, and radiographs supplying the reader with designated details at the constitution, functionality, and medical program of all equine physique structures and their interplay within the dwell animal. Already said by way of scholars and academics as an important source for studying and revision, this 5th version might be a precious reference for veterinary practitioners and in case you personal and paintings with horses.

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Suspensory Apparatus of the Coffin Bone Hoof capsule and dermis, distal phalanx (Dorsolateral view) Wall epidermis External layer (periople) Middle layer Perioplic dermis 1– Internal layer Coronary dermis 2 Wall corium 2' Dermal lamellae 2'' Reticular layer 3 Distal phalanx Transverse section Horizontal section Coronary epidermis 1 2 3 4 Ungular cartilage Perioplic cushion Coronary cushion Digital cushion Plantar process of the distal phalanx Dermis of the sole Sole (angle) Frog 5 Solear border Central sulcus of the frog Crus of the frog Deep digital flexor tendon Paracuneal sulcus Bar (pars inflexa) 6 Medial and lateral digital artery, vein, and nerve (Dorsolateral view) Coronary branch of the digital nerve Median section Suspensory apparatus of the coffin bone Arrows: Pressure Tension Pressure Axis of rotation Curved arrows: Coffin bone rotation Digital extensor tendon 7 Coronary artery and vein Accessory cartilage 8 Dermal vessels 9 Artery of the hoof wall 9' Artery of the coffin bone 4 12 Branch of the digital cushion 11 Venous plexus 10 Artery and vein of the solear border 29 8.

It gives off a branch peripherally into the bulb of the heel and an axial branch to the crus of the frog. The coronal artery (7) arises from the abaxial wall of the plantar digital artery closely above the proximal border of the hoof capsule. It gives off dorsal branches and branches for the quarter region. Shortly before the plantar (palmar) digital artery enters the axial solear foramen or, respectively, the abaxial solear foramen there arises from its abaxial side a short common trunk for the artery of the hoof wall (ramus dorsalis phalangis distalis —9) and the artery of the coffin bone (ramus plantaris phalangis distalis —9').

It supplies the lower teeth and, after emerging from the mental foramen, innervates the skin of the lower lip and chin (mental nerve; see p. i).

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