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By Manjit S Dhooria

Maintaining the necessities of academics and researchers in brain, this encyclopedic dictionary provides the terminology in entomology and pest administration within the such a lot real and entire method. it is also phrases relating to the shut family of bugs, resembling mites and ticks and a few different organisms that are pests of vegetation.

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Catabolism: The metabolic processes that breakdown ingested organic molecules and release energy, captured by ATP, and waste products. Catalog: An index to taxonomic literature arranged by taxa so as to provide ready reference to at least the most important taxonomic and nomenclatural references to the taxon involved. Catalyst: A substance that speeds up the rate of a chemical reaction but is not itself used in the reaction. Category Category: A class, the members of which are all taxa placed at a given level in a hierarchic classification.

Brood Nest: Area of hive where bees are densely clustered and brood is reared. Brood Passage: In Strepsiptera, the space between the venter of the female and the puparium through which the triungulins emerge. 29 Butterfly Farming Bucca: The mouth in adult Diptera. Buccal Cavity: Also known as oral cavity. The first part of the stomodaeum lying just within the mouth. Bucket Pump: The simplest hydraulic sprayer is the bucket pump. It is a plunger pump adapted by a clamp or otherwise for use in an open pail and delivering the liquid through a spray nozzle at the end of a hose.

Numerous identification characteristics can be seen in this region of the wing. Cell Culture: The growing of cells in vitro, or in an artificial container rather than in an organism. Cellulase: An enzyme which digests cellulose. Cellulose: Complex carbohydrate polysaccharide formed by the combination of many glucose molecules to give the fibrous material which is the fundamental constituent of the cell wall in plants. Cement Layer: A thin layer on the surface of the insect cuticle formed by the hardened secretion of the dermal glands.

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