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By Niko Tinbergen and The Editors of LIFE

Glossy scholars of animal habit, between whom Dr. Tinbergen is a pacesetter, have many times proven that relatedness of other animal species is simply as absolutely expressed by means of evaluating their habit styles as through evaluating their physique forms.
Being comparative, habit examine isn't a box for the slender professional. Dr. Tinbergen's distinctive paintings comprises research of the homing of wasps, the courtship of butterflies and the nesting habit of sea birds. His extensive adventure and deep insights are the following mixed in a desirable quantity which constitutes not just a problem yet an encouragement to each reader. an individual, Dr. Tinbergen turns out to assert, with a pointy eye and ear, a degree of persistence and a fit skepticism approximately leaping to conclusions, can profitably learn animals and should conceivably make observations of lasting price to technological know-how. [From the creation]

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