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Published by means of the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic learn Series.


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Sorensen's Islandroyalsare the suchasstorms at seathatmightdelayegglaying,no five recordsfor the Campbell evidenceas yet showswhetherclimaticconditionsin same (Table 14). Althoughthe differences between periodsof exulans andepomophora any oneseason influence the layingdatethroughoutmeanincubation arelessthanoneday,muchlessthanRichdale[1952] significant abovethe Comparison of meanlayingdatesin twopartsof predicted,they are statistically thepopulation. Therateof anembryo's a precisely timed phenomenon, and Richdale [1952] in anareaofhighnestdensity (106nests perhectare) the accuracyof his measurements condoes notdifferfromanother of lowernestdensity (40 in discussing samples in whichthe observed nestsper hectare).

Exulans males and females. longerbroodingshiftsis apparentaboutthe mid-point of the broodingperiod, and a decreasein their frequencyin the last shift beforeits end. 9 J 12 ' % Total Observations * Richdale [1952], p. 72. ing. Chicks were watchedat Bird Island throughout the winter of 1963, and 35 measurementsaccurate to the nearestday showthe meanlength of the fledging period to be 278 days, with a range from 263 to 303 days (Table 28). 24 days. the absent bird. Swales [1965] indicatesthe fledging wanderersat THE FLEDGLING PERIOD Gough Island stay ashore approximatelythe same Matthews [1929] estimatedthat the chicks at South lengthof time, but, as mentionedpreviously,both laylater therethan Georgiaremainedashore9 to 10 monthsafter hatch- ing and departureare correspondingly at SouthGeorgia.

Oct. Nov. 58O per day,respectively, but in eachcasethe meandaily weightlosswasgreaterduringthe first 25 days. The meandailyweightlossin chick405 from 5 to 30 days after feedingis almostexactlytwicethe rate at 55 to 80 days. Chick444, whichdied after 58 days,was a month younger at the start of the fast than 405, which sur- vived81 days. In this respectit is interestingthat chicks216 and 422 begantheir fasts later by one and two months,respectively, and each had a smallermean daily weightloss (119 and 111 grams per day).

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