Au Guet ! (Les annales du Dique-monde, Tome 8) - download pdf or read online

By Terry Pratchett

Une société secrète d’encagoulés complote pour renverser le seigneur Vétérini, Patricien d’Ankh-Morpork, et lui substituer un roi.
C’est sans compter avec le guet municipal et son équipe de fins limiers.
Une affaire à los angeles mesure du capitaine Vimaire – s’il boit, c’est pour oublier les laideurs de l. a. vie – et de ses brillants adjoints. (« Tous pour un ! » )
Et lorsqu’on retrouve au petit jour dans les rues les corps des citoyens transformés en biscuits calcinés, l’enquête s’oriente résolument vers un dragon de vingt-cinq mètres qui crache le feu ; on aurait quelques questions à lui poser.
Mais peut-être los angeles collaboration du bibliothécaire de l’Université ne sera-t-elle pas inutile : n’arbore-t-il pas aussi une plaque de l. a. DST (Défense simienne du territoire) ?

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It generally got him into trouble instead. Ponder had let that go, because he now saw it as his mission in life to stoke the fires that kept Mustrum Ridcully bubbling and made the university a happy place. As a dog reflects the mood of its owner, so a university reflects its Archchancellor. All he could do now, as the university’s sole self-confessed entirely sensible person, was to steer things as best he could, keep away from squalls involving the person previously known as the Dean, and find ways of keeping the Archchancellor too occupied to get under Ponder’s feet.

It was an example to everyone, a light that never failed, a flame in the dark, a beacon of tradition. And Unseen University took tradition very seriously, at least when it remembered to. ’ And then all hell eventuated. A…creature plunged out of the gloom. There is a phrase ‘neither flesh nor fowl nor good red herring’. This thing was all of them, plus some other bits of beasts unknown to science or nightmare or even kebab. There was certainly some red, and a lot of flapping, and Nutt was sure he caught a glimpse of an enormous sandal, but there were the mad, rolling, bouncing eyes, the huge yellow and red beak and then the thing disappeared down another gloomy corridor, incessantly making that flat honking noise of the sort duck hunters make just before they are shot by other duck hunters.

Oh, why had he, why had he left the vats? It was nice and uncomplicated down there, and quiet, too, when Concrete hadn’t been on the ferrous oxide. ‘It doesn’t work like that. You’re not a zombie, are you? I know they do their best, and none of us can help how we die, but I’m not having all that trouble again. Anyone might get their finger in the soup, but rolling around in the bottom of the bowl? ’ ‘I am alive, miss,’ said Nutt helplessly. ’ He hesitated as he said it. It sounded like a lie. ‘I thought goblins had horns,’ said Glenda.

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