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By Abraham A. Ungar

"I can't outline twist of fate [in mathematics]. yet 1 shall argue that twist of fate can constantly be increased or prepared right into a superstructure which perfonns a unification alongside the coincidental parts. The lifestyles of a accident is robust facts for the lifestyles of a overlaying concept. " -Philip 1. Davis [Dav81] Alluding to the Thomas gyration, this e-book offers the speculation of gy­ rogroups and gyrovector areas, taking the reader to the immensity of hyper­ bolic geometry that lies past the Einstein targeted idea of relativity. quickly after its creation via Einstein in 1905 [Ein05], exact relativity idea (as named through Einstein ten years later) grew to become overshadowed through the ap­ pearance of normal relativity. to that end, the exposition of certain relativity the strains laid down by means of Minkowski, during which the position of hyperbolic ge­ ometry isn't emphasised. this may probably be defined through the strangeness and unfamiliarity of hyperbolic geometry [Bar98]. the purpose of this publication is to opposite the fashion of neglecting the function of hy­ perbolic geometry within the specified thought of relativity, initiated by way of Minkowski, through emphasizing the relevant function that hyperbolic geometry performs within the theory.

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44) We thus see that while Einstein's addition e possesses the left cancellation law, we need its coexisting operation, the Einstein coaddition m, in order to have a right cancellation law as well. 31, am b = aegyr[a, eb]b aeb = am gyr[a, b]b . 2), possesses grouplike properties. In Chapter 2 we will extend these properties by abstraction, obtaining the formal definition of a mathematical grouplike object called a gyrogroup. Despite not being groups, gyrogroups with their gyrations possess rich structure.

55) which demonstrates that 'YuEBv is a real number for u, v E Vc. Thus, u, v E Vc implies u$v E Vc. 56) Thomas Precession: The Missing Unk 19 U, 'V E Re, which is a commutative group operation. In the realization of V by JR, the Einstein gyrocommutative gyrogroup eVe, ~) thus reduces to the Einstein commutative group (R, ~). We will continue using the notation ~ = ED as long as no confusion arises. We assume that the inner product in V (also known as a scalar product) is positive definite in the sense that v· v = IIvll 2 ~ 0 for all v E V and IIvll 2 > 0 if v :F O.

I. Schiff, and a Stanford engineer, Robert Cannon, initiated the Stanford Gyroscope Experiment to measure the gyroscopic precession of gyroscopes in space. Since 1963 it has become the NASA-Stanford GP-B Program. Led by the Stanford physicist Francis Everitt since 1971, it has grown into NASA's largest running astrophysical program that will perform the most accurate confirmation ever of Einstein's theory of relativity. Presently, in 2001, the NASA-Stanford GP-B Program is believed to be in the last stages of building the flight apparatus for testing relativistic gravity in space [EeaOO].

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