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By Ron Klinger

Bridge is hip for everybody these days! performed in additional than a hundred nations, Bridge has an enthusiastic following of greater than 60 million humans. even though many think that bridge is just an “old person’s game,” a growing number of youngsters are taking it up, and now gamers of their twenties are starting to win international championship titles. thoroughly up to date and revised by means of champion bridge participant Ron Klinger, Bridge Basics explains and illustrates the fundamental ideas of bidding, play, and protection in agreement bridge. This booklet will flip you right into a efficient and assured bridge participant in no time. 

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If you can arrange supervised practice sessions in conjunction with the course, so much the better. The aim of Bridge Basics is to make the game easy and fun for the students. If you can do the same, you will find that teaching bridge is a pleasant and rewarding pastime. Ron Klinger, 1972, 1991, 1993, 2000 Changes in the 2011 sixth edition: The 1NT range is 15–17, the 2NT opening is 21–22, and 2♣: 2♦, 2NT caters for 23–24 balanced. The jump-raise of opener’s suit is now a limit raise, 10–12 points.

Without any opposition bidding, there are only thirty-five bids available between 1 Club and 7 No-Trumps. With this restricted language, you try to describe to your partner your thirteen cards, one of billions of possible hands. Just as there are many languages, so there are many bidding systems. Just as some people are fluent in more than one language, so too are top players adept at more than one system. As some languages are easier to learn than others, so some bidding systems are more efficient than others.

9 tricks. Wrong play: (1) Winning the first round of diamonds with the queen. This “blocks” the diamonds. (2) Winning the first round of diamonds with the ace, but failing to overtake the ♦Q with dummy’s king. Hand 8: Overtaking a Winner to Gain Access to Dummy Dealer West: Both vulnerable WEST NORTH EAST SOUTH 1NT Pass Pass Pass Lead: ♣4, fourth-highest. Correct play: If a low card is played from dummy, South plays the ♣Q (third-hand-high) and returns a club. After winning the ♣A, declarer should play a spade to the ace (high-from-shortage), cash the ♠K (high-from-shortage), and lead the ♠J, overtaking with dummy’s queen to cash the ♠10 next.

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