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What was the world like millions of years ago? What is the Earth made of? Why do earthquakes happen? These are some of the many questions that geologists try to answer. Geologists are people who study the Earth’s form and Match the its history. ” what she studies: Geology is an important science. Geologists help others Earth geologist fossils petrologist to find useful fossil fuels such as oil and coal that lie hidden rocks geochemist in the Earth’s crust. Geologists also help figure out where paleontologist chemicals earthquakes are likely to happen.

A river’s water rushes along, carrying rocks with it and breaking them into little pieces. The ice of a glacier grinds away at whatever rocks it slowly rolls across. Another great sand maker is the ocean. Every day, all over the world, tides rise and fall, pushing against rocks over and over. Waves tear at the rocks along the shore, wearing them down. ” Now that you have all this sand, what can you do with it? Sand is used for paving roads. Bricks made with sand are harder and stronger than other bricks.

Many people were frightened and got into their boats in the harbor to escape the disaster. Soon enormous waves caused by the earthquake rose up from the ocean. These violent waves, each more than three stories high, destroyed all the boats and killed the Which of people in them. The waves then traveled for 15 hours across the these does not cause a tsunami? Pacific Ocean to Hilo in Hawaii, where they destroyed more a) earthquake property. ” A tsunami is a large destructive wave created by the shock from an earthquake or volcanic eruption.

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