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By Cynthia Freeland

From Andy Warhol's Brillo packing containers to provocative dung-splattered madonnas, in ultra-modern paintings international many unusual, even stunning, issues are wear reveal. This usually leads exasperated audience to exclaim--is this rather artwork?

In this worthwhile primer on aesthetics, Freeland explains why innovation and controversy are so hugely valued in paintings, weaving jointly philosophy and artwork idea with many engrossing examples. Writing sincerely and perceptively, she explores the cultural meanings of artwork in numerous contexts, and highlights the continuities of culture that extend from smooth, usually sensational, works again to the traditional halls of the Parthenon, to the medieval cathedral of Chartres, and to African nkisi nkondi fetish statues. She explores the problems of interpretation, examines contemporary medical examine into the methods the mind perceives paintings, and appears to the still-emerging worlds of artwork on the internet, video artwork, paintings museum CD-ROMS, and masses extra. moreover, Freeland courses us in the course of the a variety of theorists of artwork, from Aristotle and Kant to Baudrillard. finally, all through this nuanced account of theories, artists, and works, Freeland presents us with a wealthy knowing of ways cultural importance is captured in a actual medium, and why not easy our perceptions is, and continuously has been, imperative to the full recreation.

It is instructive to keep in mind that Henri Matisse himself used to be initially derided as a "wild beast." To horrified critics, his daring shades and distorted kinds have been outrageous. A century later, what used to be surprising is now thought of attractive. And that, writes Freeland, is paintings.

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Though the label is prompted by a subjective awareness or feeling of pleasure, it supposedly has objective application to the world. Kant warned that enjoyment of beauty was distinct from other sorts of pleasure. If a ripe strawberry in my garden has a ruby colour, texture, and odour that are so delightful that I pop it into my mouth, then the judgement of beauty has been contaminated. In order to appreciate the beauty of this strawberry, Kant thinks 12 blood and beauty 2 Many people believe art should be beautiful and nudes should be Greek gods and goddesses, like Sandro Botticelli’s Venus from Birth of Venus.

Goya witnessed tumultuous political events when Napoleon’s army invaded Spain; he painted many scenes of battles, revolts, and assassinations, such as his famous The Executions of May 3, 1808, where innocent civilians are gunned down by an inexorable, faceless row of Napoleon’s soldiers. At the centre stands a man, arms outflung in mortal terror a moment before the bullets will hit. Another man lies dead in a pool of blood. Monks hide their faces in horror at the massacre. Some would say this scene of death is not so unusual in Western art.

I will zero in on just the first of these comparisons and look at Goya’s works in more detail, to assess whether Lippard has used a reasonable strategy in linking Serrano’s controversial contemporary art to this prominent and respected Spanish predecessor. Goya—a precursor? Francisco Goya y Lucientes (1746–1828), a contemporary of both Hume and Kant, was a supporter of modern 21 blood and beauty democratic values. His lifetime spanned the American and French Revolutions and the terrors of the French and Spanish Peninsular War.

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