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B. has made three attempts to relate Pontic geography to history: Thesis (1967), 1, 31-84; II, 7-27; Neo-Hellenika, 1 (1970), 33-36; and DOP, 29 (1975), 93-96. The text of this chapter represents D. C. 's turn to present the subject, to which A. A. M. B. has largely contributed the footnotes as commentary. We owe the suggestion for the derivation of "Halt" to Professor O. R. Gurney. On the ancient Chaldaioi (later confused with 2. The most notable accounts of zarzaka (tezek) are by Leo of Synnada, in J.

So, geographically we have set our westward limit at Cape Karambis, most northerly geographical point of Anatolia and most westerly of Trebizond's medieval outposts, and our eastward limit falls at Bathys (Batumi), the historic border where the coastline turns northward and the river Akampsis (coruh) breaks through the mountain barrier to force its way to the sea.

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