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By Will Wiles

A British copywriter house-sits at his composer good friend Oskar’s latest condominium in a glum japanese eu urban. The directions are uncomplicated: Feed the cats, don’t contact the piano, and confirm not anything damages the precious wood floors. content material for the 1st time in a while, he by accident spills a few wine. The house and the narrator’s sanity progressively collapse during this strange and pleasant novel.

Oskar has left a number of notes for his good friend, lightly teaching him within the right upkeep of the flat. yet over the process one disastrous week, because the scenario in (and out) of the condominium spirals uncontrolled, the notes tackle a extra insistent—and creepily prescient—tone.

Anyone who has ever felt not so good as a perfectionist good friend will sympathize with the narrator’s plight. Wiles is a certainly humorous comedian novelist within the culture of these past British W’s, Wodehouse and Waugh.

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