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By Silvia Elena Tendlarz

Childhood Psychosis is a well-structured and informative research that explores early life psychosis and its assorted manifestations extensive, with specific emphasis at the relation among psychosis and autism. Tendlarz makes use of medical situations to demonstrate diverse points of psychoanalytic theories and coverings.

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Take just one signifier as an insignia of this omnipotence, .. and you have the unary trait (trait unaire) which, by filling in the invisible mark that the subject derives from the sipfier, alienates this subject in the primary identification that forms the ego ideal. [Lacan, 1960b, p. 3061 The insignia which constitutes the ego ideal emerges from the primordial Other and supports the identifications of the subject. However, in the ”Position of the unconscious” (1964a), Lacan THE STRUCTURE OF THE SUBJECT 41 reverses this schema: ”The subject is not spoken.

The symptom of the child does not represent the truth about the discourse of the mother, but only its articulation of the father. That is to say, it includes the operation of the paternal metaphor. In the graph of desire, this symptom is inscribed at the level of the sigrufied of the Other-according to the Name-of-theFather and phallic signification. It is articulated to the sigrufier of the lack in the Other, an Other that has undergone castration, thereby introducing the remainder of this operation-the enigma of the desire of the Other.

A. Freud, The Writings of Anna Freud. New York: International University Press. 5. Translator's note: this is one of Lacan's more famous puns on the Nameof-the-Father, with which this phrase, "Those who are not fooled go wrong" is homophonous is French. CHAPTER THREE Lacan's remarks on childhood psychosis W e can construct a chronology of Lacan's remarks on childhood psychosis. (1) 17 and 24 February 1954 (Seminar I): critique of the case of Dick by Melanie Klein. (2) 10 March 1954 (Seminar I): critique of the case of Robert by Rosine Lefort.

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