Dave L. Arneson, David J. Ritchie's City of the Gods (Dungeons and Dragons: Blackmoor Module PDF

By Dave L. Arneson, David J. Ritchie

Set amidst the burned salt residences of the Valley of the Ancients, the town of the Gods is a wierd and lethal steel city whose robust guardians don't welcome intruders. but it truly is to this position of lethal risk that Blackmoor's leaders now ship a bold excursion - to discount for reduction within the coming wars - or to thieve the magic of the gods.

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She nows wears the simple, but practical dress of a common hillman: b a g g pantaloons, warm felt boots, collarless doublebreasted blouse and coat of curly larnbskin. O v e r her blouse, she wears leather armor, a n d h e r a u b u r n locks are topped b y a n iron-bound leather helmet. For defense, the. priestess carries a small, ornately carved ironwood club + I . She wears a rinf of protection + I and a m d d Iion ofESP(90'). All of these items are the property of Zugzul; she QWS no property of her own.

They can always receive anything being transmitted on their band. When in transmit mode, thcy transmit all sounds within 12“ inches. A character activates a communicator by giving the transmit signal (a verbally communicated alphanumeric code, in most cases). The small clip is a belt clip that can be thumbed out for carrying or thumed out of the way when the device is in use. If the user tells the communicator to “translate,” it automatically translates everything that it receives into whatever language the user is speaking.

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