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By Edward Harshman

Lateral pondering puzzles begin with a typical situation-then they quick develop into bizarre. Take Bob. He smashes the rear lights of a stranger's vehicle. however the police officers arrest the car's proprietor, no longer Bob. Why? Bob were abducted and used to be contained in the trunk whilst he broke the lighting fixtures. that is only a flavor of the unusual events and impossible to resist demanding situations you are going to come upon the following!

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The ‘city’ is EC (for Empire City, one of New York’s nicknames) while the ‘TV supplier’ is CABLE. Putting them together we get IMPECCABLE or ‘faultless’. Now here’s a challenge for you. It is even longer (having five components) but is still straightforward. First, you need to think of a word meaning ‘nut’ or ‘fool’, then you repeat it; add two consecutive words straight from the clue itself and finish it off with a word meaning ‘spread’ to get the target word which means ‘taken out’. A couple of nuts in a spread taken out (12) 8 7 8 [114] 5 4 1 Finally, the compound method can be used to build up to a whole phrase.

6) 2 [067] 2 Order Peter a programme already seen? (6) 1 [174] 6 A shade more difficult is when the two words to be re-ordered are not adjacent. Hopefully they will be linked by ‘and’ or ‘with’ as in the following: Probable key with ill needing treatment (6) 7 [005] 8 Unfortunately, that is not the end of the story because you can be thrown three words to juggle with! Naturally, with more than two, you have more work to do and the required answers are going to be longer. Here are three such trios: Ely clock I altered produces a thousand revolutions (9) 9 5 1 Bad breath?

An outside line to ring (7) 6 [188] 5 Like the double-definition clue, the single definition type provides an arena for the deployment of coined words. ) A contender for the most common coinage of all is ‘soundly’, which appears even more frequently in homophone clues but here makes an appearance in a single definition. Under ‘soundly’ your dictionary will only give meanings with the sense of ‘securely’ but there is no logical reason why it shouldn’t mean ‘noisily’. With this coined meaning, the following can only have one answer.

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