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By G. A. R. Wood, R. A. Lass

This article covers all facets of cocoa construction. greater costs for cocoa have resulted in a lot new wisdom in regards to the plant and adjustments to its tools of creation. those are mentioned, in addition to new difficulties that experience happened and the clean learn initiatives which were wanted. The publication could be of curiosity to advertisement growers, in addition to examine and extension staff, and all these inquisitive about the cocoa undefined.

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Subsequent growth occurs at intervals of approximately six weeks with leaves spaced out in a spiral arrangement. There is a bud in each leaf axil. Vertical growth continues until the plants reach a height of 1-2 m at which point the plant enters its third growth phase when vertical growth ceases and, on the terminal end of the stem, five buds with very short internodes grow out sideways simultaneously. The point at which this occurs is called the ‘jorquette’. The side branches which grow at an angle of 0-60 to the horizontal, have an alternate leaf arrangement and are called ‘fan’ branches.

Chupons may occasionally arise on a fan branch. Budwood or cuttings taken from chupons will give rise to plants with an upright growth habit, while vegetative material from fan branches will grow out sideways. Leaves The leaves also show dimorphic characters corresponding to the different types of stem on which they arise. On chupons, the first leaves have long petioles and are symmetrical; the petioles have a marked pulvinus or swelling at each end which allows the leaf to be orientated in relation to the light.

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