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26 Frontal Sections - 90° Sup. sagittal sinus Sup. frontal gy rus Sulcus of co rpus callosum Sup. :Io,;,__ Septum pellucidum Caudate nucleu Int. capsule (anI. HIi. Lateral sulcu Putamen orpus callosum (rostrum) Ext. capsule Le er wing of sphenoid Gyrus rectus Sup. concha Fig. II. 4. Frontal section 4 cm in front of the external acoustic meatus Inf. front al gyrus Middle frontal gyrus (pars orbitalis) Frontal Sections - 90 0 Fig. II. 5. Radiograph of the same anatomic specimen Fig. II. 6 a- d. CT scans in the same plane 27 28 Frontal Sections - 90° Sup.

Fig. II. 52d is an example of frontal reconstruction. Resolution of reconstruction images is of a far inferior quality to those of direct frontal section in CT. Only the quadrigeminal cistern and calcified choroid plexus are identifiable (Fig. II. 52 a by courtesy of General Electric) 59 60 Frontal Sections - 60° Cuneus Sup. agittal inus rux cerebri Straight sinus Lingual gyru Occipital horn -,;NI"~ Fourth ventricle Tentorium cerebelli Sup. ~~~~~- PeLrous bone xl. acoustic meatus Parotid gland Lateral pterygoid muscle ourLh ventricle Mas eter muscle Medial pterygoid mu cle Facial a.

23. Frontal CT scan of formalin-fixed brain, 90° to the orbitomeatalline and 13 em from the frontal pole Frontal Sections - 90° Intraparietal sulcus Sup. parietal gyrus Precuneus Intrapa rietal sulcus 43 I nf. parietal gyrus Second occipital gyrus Ant. occipi tal sulcus Precuneate ulcus Calcarine sulcus T hird occipital gyru Quadrangular lobule Parahippo campal gyrus Middle temporal gyrus Occipital horn Inr. temporal gyrus Vermis Collateral sulcus Occipito temporal sulcus Occipitotemporal sulcus Fusiform gyrus Cerebellopontomedullary angle Fourth ven tricle Sup.

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