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By Andrew J. Offutt

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Well, then we must try some other way. If we can dispose of him, your escape will hardly be discovered before morning. ” The Gael stepped to the door of the cell and spoke to the guard. ” The Viking’s beard bristled. ” growled the warrior, entering the cell. He raised his head to stare at the window, and even as his chin rose at an angle following his eyes, Cormac’s iron fist, backed by every ounce of his mighty body, crashed against the Viking’s jaw. The fellow dropped like a slaughtered ox, senseless.

The Danes raged like giants at Ragnarok in their battlefury, dealing death to two for every one of their own that was slain, yet even as Cormac raged and slew with the best of them he knew that the odds were too great. They were outnumbered three to one and the newcomers to the battle were fresh. The Danes could not practice their superior archery at these close quarters, nor could they scramble up the sides of their long ship... Suddenly a howl of fury seemed to shake the skies—a scream of war-fury that welled up from a thousand throats—and then a storm of arrows from all sides darkened the already murky skies.

Suddenly a howl of fury seemed to shake the skies—a scream of war-fury that welled up from a thousand throats—and then a storm of arrows from all sides darkened the already murky skies. Wooden shafts rattled down like rain and splintered against the scaled corselets of Dane, Jute and Norseman alike. Cormac saw one of Wulfhere’s men reel, his neck transfixed by a dark, flint-tipped arrow; a blond Norse warrior staggered and fell with a similar arrow jutting from his right eye-socket. Most of the shafts that found a mark broke and splintered harmlessly against the bucklers and mail of the Vikings, but all too many out of those hurtling thousands thudded to rest in living flesh.

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