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By Helen F. Gaines

Comprises "166 cryptograms."

summary: comprises "166 cryptograms."

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LAMB (DAMONOMAD) THROUGH WHOSE UNSELFISH ENDEAVOR THIS VOLUME HAS BEEN MADE AVAILABLE TO THE CRYPTOGRAPHIC STUDENTS OF THE WORLD. AND TO THE MEMORY OF HELEN FOUCHÉ GAINES PREFACE The word cryptography, properly speaking, embraces the entire field of secret writing, while that branch of the subject dealing with the solution and reading of cryptic messages is generally referred to as cryptanalysis. Works on the subject of secret writing are comparatively numerous, if not always easily available, but works devoted purely to the analysis of such writing and the solving of its cryptograms have, until recently, been so rare as to be almost non-existent for the general reader.

In the game of chess, where each piece has certain prescribed moves, the piece called the knight must move diagonally across a 2 x 3 oblong. The “tour” consists in starting the knight at one corner and carrying him completely over the 64 cells of the chessboard, causing him to touch every square exactly once without having made any other move than the one allotted to him. Fig. 6 will show one of the many such tours which have been published. Such designs will serve either for writing in or for taking out.

The accomplishment of transposition by mechanical means is far from new. In fact, the oldest transposition cipher of which we have any record was accomplished by means of the Lacedaemonian scytale. The Spartan general, departing for foreign conquests, carried with him a rod, or scytale, of exactly the same diameter as one retained by the administration. When it was desired to communicate matter of a confidential nature, the sender, using a narrow strip of parchment, wound this carefully around his scytale with edges meeting uniformly at all points, and wrote his message lengthwise of the rod.

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