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By Fred Piscop

A advisor to fixing cryptic crossword clues which include examples of puzzles on which to instruction.

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How many days would it take each to do the job if he worked alone? Answer on page 81. A JOB NOT DONE ON TIME* Four cave dwarves, each of whom works at the same rate, were to complete a mining job according to a schedule. However, because of an argument, two of the four quit after working one day. The remaining two dwarves finished the job, but it required two more days than had originally been scheduled. How many days were originally scheduled for completion of the job? Hint on page 57. Answer on pages 63-64.

Hint on page 56. Answer on pages 64—65. 28 CHAPTER III EVERYDAY LIFE IN PYMM G O I N G TO T H E FAIR O n e bright summer m o r n i n g the brothers Bopp and Clack left their hut on horseback to go to a fair some distance away. The two men left at the same time and arrived at the fair at the same time, 12 h o u r s after they began the trip. Clack had a fast m o u n t , while Bopp had a slow, old nag. Both brothers stopped to rest at various times as they rode toward their destination. However, Clack, who rode twice as fast as Bopp during the trip, rested often so Bopp could catch up.

Her share was then divided among the other girls and the result was that each now had more trinkets, but still all had an equal share. Moira then decided to withdraw her suggestion of dividing the trinkets by families. She was satisfied with this new state of things. How many trinkets did each girl end up with and how many girls shared in the division? TRINKETS TO SHARE After Sir Elveron and Sir Grace, Knights of the Golden Sword, had slain the dragon Wyngard, they found a great treasure in Wyngard's cave.

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