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75 2 1 Note: I Sphere = mr 2 , I Hoop / Ring = mr 2 , I disk = mr 2 5 2 The rotational analog of Newton’s second law of motion is given in terms of torque τ , moment of inertia I, and angular acceleration α : τ = Iα where the torque τ is the rotational force on the body. In simple terms, the torque τ produced by a force F acting at a distance r from the point of rotation is given by the product of r and the component of the force that is perpendicular to the line joining the point of rotation to the point of action of the force.

The forces on the mass M include the applied force F, the upward normal force N M exerted by the table, the horizontal normal contact force N between the two bodies and the force of gravity Mg. The forces on the mass m are the weight of the body mg, the normal force N m and the contact force N between the two bodies. Nm NM N F PHYSICS M Mg Forces on M m 21 N F mg Forces on m TEACHER CERTIFICATION STUDY GUIDE Example: A massless rope attached to a mass M on a rough table goes over a pulley and has a mass m attached to the other end as shown in the figure below.

Since the internal energy of the system depends only on its state and not on the processes it undergoes, the net change in internal energy for a cyclic process is zero. Work done by or on the system and the heat the system exchanges with its surroundings, however, are not independent of the path and may have non-zero values for a cyclic process. e. the net work done by the system is equal to the quantity of heat supplied to it. Cyclic processes form the basis of heat engines and heat pumps and may be represented on a PV diagram.

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