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By Jim Bambra

Worry now stalks the land. A malignant entity is becoming and festering excessive within the mountain peaks. With darkish tendrils it reaches out in the direction of the lowlands. nobody is secure, caravans are usually not arriving on the village of Lurneslye. it's only an issue of time sooner than the villagers fall prey to the darkish and the evil they hide. robust adventurers of degrees 7-9, are urgently sought to banish the darkness. The solar needs to back shine in a transparent blue sky and shortly. as soon as the darkish clouds have totally accumulated, who is familiar with what can be unleashed around the land?

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Storage Chambet This chamber holds numerous items, damaged beyond repair. Scattered across the floor are broken furniture, torn and soiled bedding, broken candles, smashed platesandsoon. T h e south end of theroom is filledwith non-magical armsandarmour looted from the ha'atun's victims. Unless Yesorkh has been forced to leave Lachlan's body, she will be found here. She will throwrocksatthepartyandfightuntil Lachlan is reduced to 25 or fewer hit points. She will then flee Lachlan's body (ser Inside the Castle - page 24).

High to the right thcre is a drafening bcllow. You look u p to mwt the menacing gaze of a TOW of enormous beasts. T h e “enormous beasts" are only stuffed hcads h u n p up as hunting trophies. T h e bellow is a distraction produccd by Yesorkh/Lachlan (who is on the balcony, hiding behind thc bannistrr) using a ventriloquism spell. It will give hcr 1 round of surprise over the party. T h e balcony is 50 feet above thc floor. Hiding in thc laboratory (C7) are two verbeeg who will rush out and attack the party (using the round of surprise if applicable).

E ,'x,qma>,, < > 11 ! lr$ ,i w ~ n d o i \ r lo<>hi1s OUI 1 1 o m 11w liiiililiiig will br blocked 'iy asolid,wall o f d a r k q c ) cloud. Asaresult, itisquitrdarkinsidrthe castle (as on a very ovcrcast day). Thecourtyards(arcasC8andCll) h a w n o t hrcn fillrd with solid cloud, but are enclosed by it and arc vcry misty. 4 L I I< Illll'l(i,l I1 ? I\ ! ~ l l, ~ I I - 1 Ol

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