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By Thomas M. Reid

An event that includes the loup du noir (skin-changer).

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If they have not yet killed Gregor, rea Antonina (ghost): AL L E AC 018; MV 9; HD 10; hp 41; THACO 11; #AT 1; Dmg ldlO special; SD special; SZ M ML 14;XP 7,000. + Encounter Ilk The Boyar’s Hall n this encounter, the PCs enter Gregor’s I stockade to confront the boyar at last. If the party has gotten off track in the adventure and did not lose their equipment, the DM should compensate by making this portion of the adventure tougher by increasing the numbers of boyarsky encountered. Similarly, if the players role-played well and used their wits, this portion of the adventure might be a little easier for them.

He might help you if you can talk him into it. ” Andrei the Furrier (2nd-level fighter): AC 10 (8 with heavy parka); MV 12; HD 2; hp 13; Str 13, Dex 9, Con 15, lnt 10, Wis 9, Cha 9; #AT 1; Dmg ld4 (hunter’s knife); AL NG; THACO 19. Scene Ct Pauel’s Treachery Scene 0: Brother Terenskg Run this scene any time from one building to another. Pavel Cherensky. the owner of the tavern, catches wind of strange doings in the village and decides to investigate. If the PCs do not stop him, he warns the boyarsky in an attempt to curry favor with Gregor.

In Gregor’s Power Once all of the PCs have been transformed or subdued, Gregor forces those characters who did transform to change back into their normal shapes and has his men take them prisoner while they are helpless changing. ) Once the PCs are securely captured, Gregor questions them to find out who they are, where they came from, how they arrived in Vorostokov, and so on. When he Once the boyar has dealt with his son, he turns his attention to the PCs. Gregor admires courage and fighting skill, and he would like nothing more than to make allies out of the characters who have opposed him.

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