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By Rodney Gerber, John Lidstone

Geography is on the crossroads and a major goal of this paintings is to take a few solace some time past, yet in general to indicate instructions that might make sure the way forward for geography in schooling.

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The trend to making conceptual generalisations rather than statistical ones is a direct result from the extensive range of geographical education research in many countries. Cross-cultural investigations have become important types of research in geographical education as people seek to understand better an international perspective on particular aspects of knowing, learning, teaching, curriculum development, change and policy development in geographical education. Such is the impact of research on the international geographical education community that it will become one of the focal Page 6 goals for the International Geographical Union Commission on Geographical Education for the remainder of this century.

This statement offers a mast from which countries can unfurl their flags of geographical education. It has universal appeal in the promotion of geographical education as a basis for lifelong learning. Specific publications detail the efforts made in selected parts of the world to reform education to enhance the position Page 3 of geographical education in the curriculum. For example, the reform in the last decade in the US education system to enhance the importance of geography in education has been aptly described in A Decade of Reform in Geographic Education: Inventory and Prospect (Bednarz & Peterson, 1994).

Mona, Jamaica: Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of the West Indies. Naish, M. ) (1992) Geography and Education: National and International Perspectives. London: University of London Institute of Education. Rhys, W. (1972) The development of logical thinking. In N. ) New Movements in the Study and Teaching of Geography. London: Temple Smith. Page 13 CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT IN GEOGRAPHICAL EDUCATION Page 15 Chapter 1 Theories and Practices in the Development of Curriculums in Geography Don Biddle Abstract This paper investigates the changing theories and practices used in the development of curriculums in geography in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries with examples selected from Australia.

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