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An entire information-rich publication of T.C.M. diagnostic procedure and thought with huge diagnostic element prepared in tables. a terrific reference and research source for college students and practitioners.

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Key Signs for Inspection Edema, swelling, and unusual appearance. Facial Edema Edema occurring in the face is usually part of general edema. 20. 21). 21 Facial Swelling Manifestations Swollen face with painful, bright red skin in a localized area; color doesn't fade with pressure Pathogenesis Clinical Pattern Flaring up of wind heat or Erysipelas identified as toxic fire excess fire/heat Swelling around the ear lobe, pain of Upward flaring of toxic the parotid glands lasting a day or two, heat low-grade fever; seen in mumps Wind warm disease Deviation ojthe Eyes and Mouth Deviation of the eyes and mouth refers to a special appearance that is marked by flaccidity of the facial muscles on the affected side, the disappearance of normal forehead folds and nasolabial sulcus, inability to close the eyes, and ptosis of the labial angle.

7). Deficiency patterns include qi, blood, and yang deficiency; cold patterns include excess cold and deficiency cold, which relate to yang deficiency. 8). 9). 10). 11). 11 Black Complexion Manifestations Clinical Pattern Pathogenesis Pale black, blue-green Excess cold leading to contraction of Excess cold blood vessels Black Stagnation of qi and blood leading to blockage of blood circulation Black, scaly and dry Blood stagnating in vessels leading to Blood stasis poor nourishment of the skin Black and haggard Impairment of kidney yin leading to the rise of deficiency fire and damage Kidney yin deficiency to yin fluids Black and puffy Deficiency of kidney yang leading to retention of body fluids and upward rushing of turbid yin Livid rings around the eye Yang deficiency leading to accumulation of damp and upward rushing of Kidney yang deficiency; turbid yin (heavily descending yin cold damp damp) Impediment Kidney yang deficiency 3.

The internal organs, qi, and blood also promote and nourish the skin through the channel system. 48). 45 Color and Luster of the Skin Manifestations Redness of skin, swelling, hot sensation, and pain with sudden onset, occurring particularly in the upper body. 38 Pathogenesis Wind heat attacking the skin and producing upward flaring of fire Clinical Pattern Exterior heat Diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine Redness of skin, swelling, hot sensation and pain, occurring particularly in the lower body.

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