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By Michael J. Dodds

a lot modern debate surrounds the normal educating that God is unchanging. it truly is often argued that an immutable God has to be chilly, distant, detached, and uncaring―that an unchanging God can't be the triune God of affection printed in Scripture. those that reject divine immutability frequently unmarried out Thomas Aquinas as its so much well-known proponent. regrettably, such critics of his theology usually misunderstand the basics of Aquinas's genuine educating.

The Unchanging God of Love presents a transparent and entire account of what Aquinas fairly says approximately divine immutability, offered in a fashion that permits his theology to deal with modern criticisms. The publication first experiences a few of the methods Aquinas applies the inspiration of immutability to creatures, displaying that he's good conscious of either the confident and destructive implications of the idea that. It then analyzes all of his arguments for divine immutability which are offered in his writings, noting his care in making a choice on which elements of immutability are to be affirmed and that are to be denied of God. It additionally demonstrates the individuality of Aquinas's instructing via studying the biblical, patristic, and philosophical assets he employs.

Aquinas's unchanging God proves to be no static deity, however the dynamic, trinitarian plenitude of information, love, and existence, to whom not just immutability but in addition movement may perhaps ultimately be attributed. A examine of "the movement of the immobile God" finds how the ideas of either movement and immutability functionality in Aquinas's knowing of the Trinity, the Incarnation, construction, and windfall. via this examine, it turns into transparent that the unchanging God of Aquinas, faraway from being detached or distant, is really the God of compassion and love published in Scripture, who stocks a so much intimate friendship with the folk he has created and redeemed.

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Michael J. Dodds, O.P., is professor of philosophy and theology on the Dominican tuition of Philosophy and Theology in Berkeley, California. he's coauthor of The Seeker's consultant to Seven Life-Changing Virtues and Happily Ever After starts off the following and Now: residing the Beatitudes Today.


"In The Unchanging God of Love, Dodds fearlessly asserts that an unchanging God can certainly be a God of affection, and that any contradiction of this can be rooted in misrepresentation of Aquinas' genuine theology. Writing in a prose inviting and readable even for non-theologian varieties, Dodds deals a decent account of the way this theology applies to either God and earthly creatures." ― Maura Beth Pagano, Seattle collage Magazine

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The Unchanging God of Love: Thomas Aquinas and Contemporary by Michael J. Dodds PDF

A lot modern debate surrounds the conventional instructing that God is unchanging. it really is often argued that an immutable God needs to be chilly, distant, detached, and uncaring―that an unchanging God can't be the triune God of affection published in Scripture. those that reject divine immutability usually unmarried out Thomas Aquinas as its so much renowned proponent.

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It is shown first that if the moving principle of a self-mover (such as the soul of an animal) is moved per accidens, it is not always in the same disposition for moving. Thomas explains that the soul of an animal is here understood to be moved per accidens both in that it sometimes causes local motion in the animal and sometimes does not, and in that it is itself moved accidentally from place to place when the animal is moved locally. That such a principle cannot be the first moving cause of the universe is then demonstrated: If some principle is an immovable mover (ens immobile) which nevertheless is moved incidentally (secundum accidens), it cannot cause continuous and eternal motion.

L, no. , 454). 48. See J. Paulus, "La theorie du premier moteur chez Aristote," Revue de philosophic 33 (1933): 282. 49. "Postquam ostendit Philosophus quod omne quod movetur, movetur ab alio, hic accedit ad principale propositum ostendendum, scilicet quod sit primus motus et primus motor•... Dicit ergo primo, quod cum osrensum sit universaliter, quod omne quod movetur ab aliquo alia moveNr. necesse est hoc etiam verum esse in motu locali, scilicet ut omne quod moverur in loco, ab altero moveatur.

InSuperdecret. Friar, 393-94. Torrell specifies 1261-65, the Orvieto period (Thomas. 352). 53 1I lence of the divine nature or essence. " In a brief comment on the term "unchangeable (ineommutabilis), " Thomas shows that the statement of the council is confirmed by Scripture: "Third, it is shown that the divine nature surpasses all mutability when it is called 'unchangeable (ineommutabilis)' because with him there is no variation according to James: 'With whom there is no change or shadow of vicissitude:"" The Commentary on Dionysius$ On the Divine Names In de div.

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